Find out where to buy rubber mulch and why this is a better choice than wood products. Many companies sell rubber mulch. But, some products are of better quality than others, as they will last much longer.

Where To Buy Rubber MulchPermalife offers recycled rubber mulch products to meet all kinds of landscaping needs. The products can be used for professional landscaping applications, as well as on playgrounds and in local parks. The products are non-toxic to children and provide plenty of cushioning if they should fall.

While you can buy other rubber products in local stores, you can get one of the top brands at a discount, at The coupon code GREEN15 will give you a 15% discount, which will make it easier to try a top quality rubber mulch product. There are many color choices available, so you can get the desired results in landscaped areas, play areas, and flower beds.

Wood mulch provides a natural look. But, rubber mulch can provide the same look, if the right color is chosen for the specific application. There are many additional benefits of using rubber products. One of the main advantages is concern for the environment.

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Rubber mulch is made entirely of recycled tires. It eliminates much of the rubber going to landfills. It is safe for plants and for children. The dyed versions will not rub off on hands or clothing. Rubber helps hold moisture in the ground better than wood chips. This means less water will be used over time.

Rubber does not decay like wood, so there will be little need for reapplication from one season to the next. The potential for termites and other pests is eliminated, with the use of rubber mulch products. Keeping termites away from planting beds helps keep them away from the home.

Because rubber does not decay, there is less worry about mold growth, which can be harmful to plants and can be toxic to children. This makes it an excellent product for play areas in child care centers and local parks.

If you are wondering where to buy rubber mulch, look no further than and use coupon code GREEN15 to get an additional 15% off their already discounted prices.  You will find a range Permalife rubber mulch products suitable for nearly any landscaping project. The discount code makes trying the product more attractive, especially if you are on the fence about trying rubber mulch for your next project.