The Benefits of Using Rubber Mulch for Playground

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rubber mulch for playground

We can neither ignore nor neglect the benefits of playgrounds in the lives of children; this is because apart from parents, playgrounds play a very important teaching and learning role in the lives of children. Playgrounds are where children learn to socialize with their compeers and subsequently develop their decision making skills. Due to the variety of activities performed by kids on playgrounds, it is also the place where most of them experience their first of many injuries. This is because most of these playgrounds are formulated with unsafe materials which make them unsafe and dangerous for kids. For this reason, parents are looking for safe playground material alternatives which will ensure their kids safety while playing. Due to this, experts and researchers have developed a new material which can be employed in creating secure and dependable playgrounds. This material is known as RUBBER MULCH.

Rubber mulch is the most recent trend among playground designers and developers; this is because using rubber mulch for playground reduces the probability of playground injuries by reducing every danger associated with falling and its impact. Rubber mulch is a new development that functions to provide exceptional alternatives to sand or wood mulch.   For example, Just a 4″ application of Softstuff, a Permalife product, provides up to 12′ fall height safety factor, 6″ application provides up to 18′ fall height safety factor. Aside from the aforementioned benefits of using rubber mulch for playgrounds, another advantage is that it is very cost-effective and as such it can be afforded by most private homeowners and residential businesses. Another benefit, is that it can be adopted to suit a large variety of attractive designs and array of colors which could be produced from the mulch.

The fact that the use of rubber mulch has been endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency definitely means it’ll be a perfect fit for any playground irrespective of its design and color.